Enjoy the warmth, spirit and adventure of Kauai in these inspiring, humorous and touching personal stories told by the island's people.
50 stories in each book!


Dance hula with an award-winning hula instructor and her teenage daughters as they keep this beautiful cultural tradition alive. 

Make salt by hand the way Hawaiian have been making salt since the beginning of time. 

String flower lei with professional lei-makers.

Ride Waves with surfers who live to surf and surf to live. Meet people whose lives revolve around the ocean: swimming dangerous coastlines, making fishing nets and hunting for tasty, tiny “opihi” that live on the underside of ocean rocks. 

Laugh with people as they recall growing up island-style in sugar plantation “camps,” going barefoot until high school and making toys of whatever they had on hand, like Frisbees from car-flattened, sun-dried toads. 

Journey thousands of miles across oceans in a voyaging canoe with sailors who navigate only by the stars, moon, sun and waves as their ancestors did when they discovered Kauai 1,500 years ago.

Get Chicken Skin (Hawaiian goose bumps) while reading about “Night Marchers” and other spirits of the island. Smile at humorous tales of acceptance and affection for the island’s wild chicken population.

Feel the Magic of this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Catch the fun, spirit and adventure of Kauai
through the words of the island's people!


Growing up as one of 13 children in the tiny sugar plantation camp of Kipu, on the island of Kauai in the 1930s and 1940s, always felt like a grand adventure to Harry Yamanaka.


In this collection of Harry's short stories, you will join Harry as he catches frogs to help feed his many siblings; makes his own fishing canoe using corrugated iron roofing; walks along a mile-long road at night with the ghost of Felix, and more. 

Harry’s memories of his childhood are humorous, sweet and insightful. He also writes with love and respect about his parents, who immigrated individually from Japan, met on Kauai, fell in love, and together raised their large family on his father’s salary of $35 per month.


When you have finished reading “Kauai . . . in my heart,” Kauai will be in your heart, too.


With everlasting gratitude to talented Kauai artist Fanny Bilodeau
for your lovely paintings that are the beautiful covers of 
"Kauai Stories" and "Kauai Stories 2."
Mahalo (thank you), Fanny! 





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